The administration of the public domain and Public services

ADDRESS: 25 Octombrie Square, nr.1, floor, cam.1
TELEFON: 0261/ 807511; 807512; 807513; 807514

The informatics and network administration office

Address: 25 October Square, Nr. 1, Floor, Room 9
Telephone: 0261 - 807551, 0261 - 807552

The Office For Socio-economical development promotion

Address: 25 October Square, Nr.1, First Floor, Room 12
Telephone: 0261 - 806200 , 0261 - 806201 , 0261 - 806202; Int. 109

The Audit and Financial Administration Control Office

ADDRESS: Square 25 October ,nr.1,floor 2,cam.23
TELEPHONE : 0261/ 806214; 0261/ 806200; 806201; 806202 -int. 119

The Firemen Tower

It was built during 1903-1904. The tower has a total height of 45 m.

At the base it has a rectangular section in the exterior with the side of 4.32 m, the interior being realized octagonally, the width of the walls is 80 cm.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral

Location:Liberty Square Nr. 24


Bishop Stephen Fischer promoted the old parish church to the rank of cathedral. The extension of the church was necessary. That's why he demolished its front part and the tower from the north side. The new Nave extended with 7 m is 37.2 m long ,12.1 m wide and 11.8 m high. The sanctuary was extended too. The new sanctuary is 16.8 m long and 9.20 m wide, ending in a semicircular apse.

The statue Lupa Capitolina (She-wolf)

Location: The Park Vasile Lucaciu


The statue is a copy of the famous Napocene She-wolf , elaborated by the sculptor Radu Ciobanu, and it is a Latin symbol

The Monument of the Romanian Soldier

Location: B-dul Vasile Lucaciu nr.2


The Monument of the Romanian Soldier is built as an homage for the soldiers from the 4th Army that fought hardly on these lands in October 1944 to liberate the north Romanian territory.

The Synagogue

Address:Decebal Street nr. 6


Is built in Moorish style at the beginning of the century ; it presents a tripartite facade, and beside the facade lies the prayer house and the temple. In Satu Mare there were three synagogues. The Neolog Synagogue functioned between 1905-1965.

The Protestant Church (“with chains”)

Address:Peace Square nr.8


The protestant church ("with chains") represents a significant monument for the architectural image of the city in the XVIII century.

Calvaria Roman Catholic Church

Address: Mihai Eminescu street nr.3


It was built on the racks of the old fortress Castrum - Zothmar in 1844, but the foundation gave up because of the sand under it and the walls broke. It was wholly rebuilt between 1908-1909 by the Weszelovszky brothers

"Dormition of the Mother of God"Orthodox Cathedral

Address:The park - Boulevard Dr. Vasile Lucaciu
Religious services are officiated daily between 8 and 9

Rector priest: Alexandru Tincu


It was built between 1932-1937.


The church "St. Archangels Mihail and Gavril"

Address: 1 December Street 1918, nr.4


The Monumental building of the Romanian Cathedral was built between 1932-1937 and it lies on the place of the old Romanian Cathedral from Satu Mare built between 1799-1803.

Civil State Service

ADDRESS: 25 October Square , nr.12
TELEPHONE: 0040261/ 807200; 807567; 807568,807569,807572

Vila Cardinal

Adress: square Eroilor Revolutiei nr.5
Fax: 0261715944

.Select motel

Location: Careiului Street f.n. Satu Mare city

Tel: 0040.261/706910

Fax: 0040.261/706913

AURORA Restaurant

Aurora Restaurant is situated in Libertăţii Square nr 11tel. 714946


No Pardon pub is situated on Corvinilor Street nr.11tel. 768206

DACIA Restaurant

Libertăţii Square nr.8Tel. 769198

CLASS Restaurant

Libertăţii Square nr.9tel. 715400/ 0740276755

FEMINA Restaurant

Bd-ul Cloşca nr.9tel.0261-722710

ASTORIA Restaurant

Libertăţii Square nr.10

AGO Restaurant

Botizului Street nr.17tel. 0261-706712

AVICENA Restaurant

Universului Street nr.2tel. 0743-756673

BABOS Restaurant

Gh. Bariţiu Street nr.21tel. 0261-710713Daily between: 11.00 – 24.00 o'clock


Cloşca Street nr.64tel. 0261-759556 or 0261-759565

CIOCÎRLIA Restaurant

Petofi Sandor Street nr.38tel. 0261-714660Daily between: 07.00 – 22.00 o'clock

CLUB 99 Restaurant

I.C. Brătianu Blv.

CORSO Restaurant

Libertăţii Square nr. 6tel. 0261-714726


Ştefan cel Mare Street nr. 18tel. 0721-426760club, pool, pizza


Vasile Lucaciu Street nr.9tel. 0788-315520Traditional food for all tastes and each pocket !

CARAMI Restaurant

Careiului Road nr.7tel. 0261-769198

DANA Restaurant

Careiului Road nr. 128tel. 0261-768716

DON PEPE Restaurant

Petofi Sandor Street nr.6 tel. 0747-818995; 0261-714441; 0771-208312; 0727-829779At every ordered pizza you get jam pancakes.  

ECLIPSA Restaurant

Careiului Road nr. 7tel. 0261-769198

KARDINALE Restaurant

Mihai Viteazu Street

LOTUS Restaurant

Careiului Road nr.5tel. 0261-742677

MIORIŢA Restaurant

Mihai Viteazu Street nr.5 tel. 0261-713761


Avram Iancu Street nr.2tel. 0788-492944


Gorunului Street nr.7/A

NO LIMITS Restaurant

Decebal Street nr. 2From Monday till Sunday : 8.00 – 24.00 o'clockFriday and Saturday:12.00 – 2.00 o'clock


1 Decembrie Street nr.11tel. 0788-328200Daily : 8.00- until the last customerYou have from now on the best Romanian traditional food!     

PERLA Restaurant

Liviu Rebreanu Street nr. 26tel. 0261-710794


Bd-ul Lalelei nr.4; tel. 0261-741990  

PREZIDENT Restaurant

Eroii Revoluţiei Street nr. 5tel. 0788-392253Daily between 8.00-24.00 o'clockHigh level food and ambiance!

REGAL Restaurant

C.A. Rosetti Street nr.4tel. 0745-507970Daily between 10.00-24.00 o'clockYou will feel like a king!  

SHANGHAI Restaurant

Vasile Lucaciu Street nr.20tel. 0261-770056High quality Chinese food !

TEI Restaurant

Lucian Blaga Street  UU34tel. 0261-764891  

TIVOLI Restaurant

Ady Endre Street nr. 36tel. 0261-713083  


Bd. Vasile Lucaciu Street Bl. T9tel. 0261- 768190Daily between 8.00-24.00 o'clock

TRITON Restaurant

George Călinescu Street nr. 42tel. 0261-786446Daily between 8.00 – 24.00 o'clock

VÂNĂTORUL Restaurant

G. Bariţiu Street nr. 112tel. 0261-714232

Hotel Aurora

The Hotel Aurora is placed in the central part of the city and offers quality services. Situated in a relative new building, the hotel offers a high comfort level and it has a restaurant and a summer garden

Villa Bódi

  Situated in the historical center of the city , the building recently renewed shelters recently this villa endowed with air-conditioning , sauna , mini bar , souvenir shop. The XIX – th century milieu adapted to the actual modern requests offers the possibility to benefit of quality services in a special medium. Classic and elegant, the villa is entirely furnished with XIX century style antic furniture.

Hotel Dana

Situated at the city exit to Carei, it doesn't remain unnoticed being the newest hotel from the area. For more information ...

Hotel Astoria

Astoria Hotel is situated in the historical center of the city , at a 10 km distance to the Hungarian border and at a 25 km distance to Ukraine ( Halmeu ). Both the architectural style and the interior milieu brings back the XIX- th century atmosphere ...

Hotel Dacia

Situated in the old center of the city , Dacia hotel offers a superb milieu of a monumental building in which you can benefit of quality services. It was built in 1902 upon the old City Hall location and the Royal Court. Dacia hotel complex is an architectonic jewel realized in Secession style. Its project was awarded in 1903 at a architectural exposition in Vienna ...

Select motel

It is situated in the proximity of Shell station , having at hand a filling station, a restaurant and a shop... 

Vila Cardinal

P-ta Eroilor Revolutiei nr.5 Telefon 0261706906 Fax:

BRD Groupe Société Générale

Is an institution with tradition , well anchored in the economy and recognized by the population through a 206 branch network. It belongs to the General Society Group and has therefor access to the most innovating products and services and the most efficient administration methods.

Ion Ţiriac Bank

The history of Tiriac Bank begins with the year 1990 when the well known business man Ion Tiriac together with his partners had the initiative of founding the first private capital bank from Romania, from the wish to contribute at the transition success at the economical market. The courage, vision and complete success of its initiators had imposed Tiriac Bank on the Romanian financial – banking scene.

Transilvania Bank

Transilvania Bank is an Romanian integrated financial group ,founded in Transilvania , with dedicated activities to distinctive Corporate clients and Retail Banking to offer quality services , having a national territorial relay.     

Romanian Commercial Bank

We have the conviction that the business excellency is materialized by the permanent aptness of the financial – banking products and services ,at the clients diversified requests , offered through distribution channels, integrated in controllable cost conditions , therefor we can insure the competitive advantage sustainment for all groups of interest in our company : clients , employees , shareholders and the society...

ARDAF Insurance Society

Its activity object is closing the insurance and reinsurance contracts cashing the suitable bonus , having the obligation to pay the indemnity if the assumed risk is produced 

S.C. Romanian Insurance S.A.

S.C. Asigurarea Românească S.A. – took part at the 1 -st of January1991, being a cornerstone , a record point for later appeared societies on the Romanian insurance market .

ING Nederlanden

ING Life Insurances is an constitutive part of ING Group, the biggest dutch financial group and one of the first ten financial institutions from all around the world. 

Radu Botar

After “The imaginary land or Molière from one breath” – at Théâtre de la Croix Rousse from Lyon the actor Radu Botar prepares the second one-man-show – at The North Theatre Satu Mare, with “Novecento” by Alessandro Baricco

Diploma Europeana

During the meeting from Paris on the 11th of May 2006, Satu Mare Municipal was awarded with the European Diploma, which will be officially handed to the mayor of the municipal at the ceremony that will take place at Strasbourg on June 26-30.

Best site of 2007

The official website of the Satu Mare City Hall was designated..

The City of Satu Mare received the Council of Europe Honorary Flag

The celebration occasioned by the handing of the Honorary Flag over to the Municipality of Satu Mare, by the Chairman of the European Council, Guy Lengagne, occured on Monday, the 22nd of October 2007.

Excellency Award

Yesterday, the 16th of October 2008, Mayor Julius Ilyes attended the fourth edition of the „Excellency Awards Gala",

Projects for outdoor spaces and playgrounds

Satu Mare City Hall responded to the request launched by the "Cities for Children" Network concerning the granting of the first ever Excellency Award, dedicated to European cities, oriented towards "Projects for outdoor spaces and playgrounds".

Special award

Satu Mare City Hall was awarded in the design contest called "Design of open spaces and play Areas" (Projects for outdoor spaces) initiated by the organization "Cities for Children" headquartered in Stuttgart.

Excellency Award for work in City Hall

Mr. Iuliu Ilyes, the Mayor of Satu Mare, was one of the winners of the " Excellency Gala" of 2009, in the category "Excellency Award for work in City Hall". Poiana Brasov was the location...

Ten for Romania Gala

Satu Mare was nominated for the "Ten for Romania Gala"- 2009; the event will take place today at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest

Certificate from Guinness World Records LTD

The Satu Mare City Hall has received a certificate from Guinness World Records LTD, stating its contribution in organizing the world's longest relay marathon

The inauguration of the Industrial Park

On the 17.10.2005, in the presence of the leader of the European Union Committee Delegation, Jonathan Scheele, was inaugurated the industrial park from Satu Mare.

Official Program – The visit of the European Commission Delegation Leader in Romania

The official visit program in Satu Mare county of the European Commission Leader, Mr. Jonathan Scheele (17th of October 2005)

The Inauguration of the Industrial Park Satu Mare

The Industrial Park Satu Mare realized through the Project Economic and Social Cohesion Phare 2000 will be inaugurated on the 17th of October 2005, in the presence of the European Committee Delegation Leader in Romania, Mister Jonathan Scheele.