Getting to

By car

You can arrive from Cluj Napoca, Oradea, Baia Mare and the Petea border passage points ( Romano - Hungarian border ) and Halmeu ( Romano - Ukrainian border ).

The usual paths of those who arrive from Bucharest are : Bucharest - Brasov - Târgu Mures -Cluj Napoca-Satu Mare or Bucharest - Pitesti - Sibiu - Cluj Napoca - Satu Mare . The medium length of a trip is 9-12 hours.

Those who arrive from Budapest use frequently the route Budapest - Debrecen - Petea - Satu Mare. The medium length of a trip is 6-7 hours.



By train
Tren în Staţia CFR Satu Mare

You can come from Baia Mare, Oradea or Jibou. For more details please consult the available program at For those who arrive from Bucharest we highly recommend to use a night train heeled with sleepers or berths.











By plain
Avion pe aeroportul din Satu Mare

The National Company Tarom offers regular courses to Satu Mare . For more details

Starting with May 27th, 2006 Satu Mare will be connected to the entire route network of Carpatair via its hub in Timisoara.